♦ Our paper got published in Biomacromolecules

We studied the antimicrobial and biocompatible properties of cationic resin acid compounds and polymers immobilized on surfaces. The research paper is now online. Ganewatta M. S.; Miller K. P.; Singleton S. P.; Mehrpouya-Bahrami P.; Chen Y. P.; Yan Y.; Nagarkatti M.; Nagarkatti P.; Decho A. W.; Tang C.* Antibacterial and Biofilm-Disrupting Coatings from Resin Acid-Derived Read More …

♦ My first review paper got published!

My first review paper was published in Polymer journal. Ganewatta M. S.; Tang C.* Controlling Macromolecular Structures towards Effective Antimicrobial Polymers. Polymer, 2015, 63, A1-A29. It was a great experience for me and made me more confident about my writing skills. Gladly, we got a free cover page as well.