ACS Project SEED Program


The American Chemical Society (ACS) Project Seed Program at University of South Carolina offers a unique opportunity for high school students to spend a summer conducting hands-on research with scientists in a laboratory setting. My advisor Prof. Chuanbing Tang, is the founding director and coordinator of the program. He has been overseeing and organizing the program since 2010. This is the only Project Seed program running in the state of South Carolina.

I served as the assistant coordinator and the web admin for the program from 2013 to 2016. My work involved the coordination between the high school students, ACS Project SEED Office, Dept. of Chemistry and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) USC. My responsibilities included collecting applications, tax forms etc. from students, match them with a participating research group and register them with the ACS. The students were trained by the EHS for various safety levels. I also organized the USC Project SEED commencement day. Each year we gave out Project SEED hand books, pamphlets, mugs/bottles, free parking passes etc. on that day. During the 8 weeks of research we organized several luncheons to get student feedback. At the end of the program a poster session and an awards ceremony was organized. Finally, annual mentor reports were submitted to the ACS.

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