Teaching Interests


Teaching Experience

(2012-2013) Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Chem. and Biochem., University of South Carolina, United States

Mitra’s first teaching experience at USC started in fall 2012. He worked as the teaching assistant for Organic 333 under the supervision of Prof. Linda Shimizu and carried out recitations for three sections of the class with approximately 70 students. During the 2013 Spring, he was assigned to Organic 334 Labs. Dr. George Handy was the instructor. During this course, he conducted recitations and laboratory experiments with chemistry majors. In 2013 fall, Mitra worked as the TA for Organic 333 Honors section under Prof. Chuanbing Tang. In addition, he taught Chem 333 with Dr. Leslie Lovelace.

(2011-2012) Teaching Assistant (Demonstrator), Dept. of Chem. and Biochem., University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Just after graduation in 2011, Mitra joined the department of chemistry to teach undergraduate students who were majors or honor students. His first teaching assignment was organic chemistry labs conducted by his undergraduate adviser Prof. E. Dilip de Silva. In addition, he taught students under the advice of Prof. M. D. P. de Costa and Dr. W. Rohini M. de Silva. He also conducted tutorials for physical chemistry, inorganic and analytical chemistry and intermediate organic chemistry.

(2009-2011) Science Teacher, Pothgula Educational Institute, Sri Lanka

Mitra worked as a science teacher at Pothgula Educational Institute. He taught science courses to middle school students. The students were in grade 6, 7, 8 and 9. To promote science education and inspire students, he annually organized Science Fairs and Awards Ceremonies.