Mitra currently work as lead development chemist at Ingevity Corporation. Currently he does R&D projects to advance Ingevity Corporation’s specialty chemical product pipeline three molecules at a time (Rosin, Lignin, and TOFA) via new synthesis and application testing targeting new uses.

Mitra did his postdoctoral research at the Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota. There, his advisor was Prof. Theresa Reineke. Mitra conducted research projects that involved the study of interpolyelectrolyte complexes between cationic polymers and anionic biomolecules such as DNA and proteins. In addition, he studied stimuli responsive polymers that can be used as gene delivery vehicles.

Mitra’s Ph.D. adviser was Prof. Chuanbing Tang at the University of South Carolina. His graduate research and scholarly activity involved the areas of sustainable chemistry for the development of novel biomaterials. Transformation of natural biomass into antimicrobial polymeric agents and sustainable chemicals, monomers and polymers was the major focus. Through his research, Mitra has formed a strong foundation in multi-step organic synthesis, controlled polymerization techniques, and material characterization. Furthermore, his expertise includes an array of biological assay techniques in both human cell cultures and microbiology.

Mitra served as the President of ACS POLY/PMSE Student Chapter at USC, Assistant Coordinator ACS Project SEED at USC. Furthermore, he contributed to the USC K12 outreach program for many years.

Awards and Distinctions

2017 International Student Achievement Award
2017 “Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research” American Chemical Society 252nd National Meeting
2017 Guy F. Lipscomb Award for Excellence in Chemistry
2017 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Leadership, Dept. of Chemistry Nominee
2017 James R. Durig Graduate Student Travel Award
2017 Graduate School Travel Award
2016 ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry Outstanding Poster Award
2016 College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship
2016 Eastman Analytical/Polymer Travel Award
2015 Graduate School Travel Award